Colin McNally - The Collected Works

Fifth Edition

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Last changed: 10/10/2022

I was an astrophysicist, a postdoc in the Astronomy Unit at the School of Physics and Astronomy of Queen Mary, University of London. Before that a postdoc at the Niels Bohr International Academy at the University of Copenhagen, as part of the Theoretical Astrophysics Group. Before that I spent the bulk of my time at the Department of Astrophysics, American Museum of Natural History where I worked with Mordecai-Mark Mac Low and Denton Ebel while completing my Ph.D. at the Department of Astronomy, Columbia University. In 2007 at McMaster University, I completed my M.Sc. under Hugh Couchman and James Wadsley.

Polydisperse Streaming Instability

Interactions in Modern Models of Protoplanetary Disks

Photophoresis in
Protoplanetary Disks

Local Disk Models

Ambipolar Diffusion Dominated Disks

Vorticies in Disks

Current Sheets in
Protoplanetary Disks

Short-Circuit Instability

Lagrangian Methods for MHD

Why KH Tests
are Hard

Divergence-free Interpolation

Extended Galactic

On publications, I am also known as Colin P. McNally or C.P. McNally, to break a NASA ADS name degeneracy.

At the NBIA, I organized the NBIA Summer School on Protoplanetary Disks and Planet Formation (2015), the conference Non-ideal MHD, Stability, and Dissipation in Protoplanetary Disks (2014), and the NBIA Summer School on Computational Astrophysics (2013). I was the Copenhagen organizer of the bi-annual CPH-Lund "Disk" Meetings (2013 - 2016), now continued by others. At the AMNH, I was involved in the Science Research Mentorship Program, and co-created the "Wonderful Universe" curriculum (also available here).